How do you choose an injury doctor?

Choosing the right doctor to treat your injuries can be a difficult decision. How do you know choose an injury doctor that is right for you? More and more people suffer from accident related injuries. These injuries can be as simple as cuts and bruises or as serious as broken bones and torn ligaments. Doctors are trained to evaluate and treat these injuries, however, not all doctors treat injuries the same.

How to choose an injury doctor?

Ask your doctor these questions:

1. How many people have you treated with similar accident related injuries?

Our injury doctors specialize in and see hundreds of patients every year who suffer from auto accident related injuries. Because they see so many patients with similar injuries they are able to prescribe the best course of care to fully recover from the trauma. This is not to say your family doctor is not a good choice for care, but our doctors invest additional time in the study of auto accident related trauma.

2. How do you document my injuries?

Properly documenting injuries is a big part of injury related care. In todays medical/legal environment insurance companies are exceptionally demanding when it comes to “proving” you have sustained injuries. Poorly written or incomplete documentation can affect the outcome of your legal settlement with the insurance company. If this occurs it may leave you with fewer financial resources to receive follow up care after your accident.

3. What other injury doctors do you work with in providing treatment?

Gone are the days when one doctor can provide all the care necessary for their patients. Following an auto accident it is important to be properly evaluated by more than one doctor. Injury help doctors work with and refer to other injury related specialists. It is common to receive treatment from a chiropractor, medical doctor and maybe even a pain management specialist. Imaging centers are commonly used to properly diagnose your injuries as well as help your doctors guide their own treatment plans.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle related accident then contact one of our injury doctors today. Your initial consultation is free.

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